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Mombasa governor bans Muguka, Miraa sale near schools

By Antynet Ford

Mombasa County government has announced the ban of Miraa and Muguka businesses near schools.

In his pronouncement, Mombasa Governor Abdhulswamad Nassir said school-going children should not be exposed to Muguka, which is available at low cost, adding he will not negotiate on the safety and well-being of the children of Mombasa.

“No one will be allowed to sell Miraa or Muguka outside the schools. If you want to do the business, sell them to adults and do it far from schools. If a 16 or 17-year-old child can get something worth Sh20 which hurts them, then I will be forced to personally intervene.” He said.

“If you must do the Muguka business, do it in the right place. We should not expose our children to such stimulants. We want them to be involved in education and digital literacy programs.” Nassir added.

He called upon the education department to map out Miraa and Muguka businesses around both public and private schools.

Any trader found selling the two products around school premises will be arrested and charged in court.

Schools are expected to re-open today Monday after a two-week extension by the Ministry of Education due to flooding across the country.

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