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Nairobi Assembly Speaker in hot soup after forcing Muslim MCA to greet him

By Antynet Ford

The association of female lawyers has vehemently condemned Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker Kennedy Ngondi for forcefully asking a Muslim nominated Member of County Assembly to greet him.

The lawyers termed the behavior as a criminal act and unethical adding that it violates the religious belief of Muslims as it constitutes to violation of her rights.

“Such reprehensible behavior is criminal, unethical immoral and not only violates her religious beliefs but also constitutes a grave violation of bodily and autonomy and dignity,l.” The statement by the association of Muslim lawyers read in part.

They called for charges to be pressed against Ngondi.

“We therefore urgently demand accountability and immediate commencement of criminal charges by DCI against Hon. Ken Ngondi for this egregious sexual harassment.” They said.

The video of the incident which happened in 2023 during the celebration of his birthday in November 20, 2022 resurfaced today after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi shared to show the gross misconduct of the assembly leader.

In the viral video where Ngondi was captured forcefully greeting the Muslim nominated MCA as the other male MCAs were heard chanting that the lady was supposed to greet him that it was his birthday.

“Lazima unisalimie Leo, ni birthday yangu…translated as(Atleast greet me today because it is my birthday.)” Ngondi is heard saying in the video as he forcefully greets her.

For about one minute, the Speaker is seen holding the woman’s hand but she pushes him away in protest.

The lady was dressed in black veil commonly known as Hijab (Bui-bui).

The viral clip has now attracted a huge debate on X (formerly twitter) whether it was necessary for Ng’ondi to force a handshake with the lady.

Senior counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi responded to the tweet saying what Ngondi did was an assault while Popular Hotelier Mohammed Hersi observed that the speaker does not have respect for Muslim faith ladies.

“ This is physical assault, a gross trespass to the person of the lady. I will be very surprised if criminal charges are not preferred.” Grand mulla commented.

“Who is this uncultured man who has no respect for women and others faith? This woman has all the right to level charges against him as it qualifies as sexual harassment intimidation aside.” Mohammed said.

Hersi noted that the lady ought to have stood up and told him not to lay his hands on her.

He condemned the speaker adding that his position at the assembly doesn’t allow for such to be done.

“Trust me, even a fool will come back to his senses. If I am the husband of this woman I will certainly sue him.Your position does not give you the powers to violate someone else. Shenzi Sana. What is his name and the organisation,” Hersi added.

Mombasa-based public speaker Hussein Abdulrazaq also chimed him, saying it is disrespectful and should not be allowed.

Hussein called for the impeachment of the speaker with immediate effect.

“This is harassment & disrespect. Dear sisters, make it a habit of standing up for yourself in such situations. Don’t fear losing your job, rizik is from Allah!. Don’t tolerate such nonsense from these mediocre people in the name of leaders/seniors. That said, the speaker should be impeached!”

Many Muslims believe that physical contact with the opposite sex is unnecessary, discouraged, and for some, even prohibited.

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