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Nairobi Woman Rep Petitions Parliament to Amend Penal Cord on Sextortion.

Nairobi County MP, Hon Esther Passaris has presented a Petition before the House of Parliament amend the Penal Code to provide for the offense of sextortion
This has been brought about by a rising number of cases of Sexual exploitation being witnessed both in the Public and Private Sector.
Hon. Passaris describes Sextortion as the abuse of power by those in authoritative positions to coerce individuals both male and female into providing sexual favours.
“Sextortion has become a pressing issue in the country causing immense harm to victims and eroding trust in public and private institutions. The demand for sex in exchange for essential resources, services and opportunities is both an infringement of human rights and a significant obstacle in achieving development goals, predicated on gender equality, transparency and accountable governance,” states Hon. Passaris.
The Legislator, who is an elected Women Representative further avers that our Laws fail to recognise or define sextortion as a form of sexual exploitation, harassment and corruption thus hindering the effective prosecution and victim protection.
“It is against this that I humbly pray that the National Assembly, through the Public Petitions Committee, proposes amendments to the penal code, the sexual offences act and any other relevant criminal Laws to explicitly define sexual extortion as an offence and make clear provisions on penalties, support for victims and for connected purposes.” appealed Hon. Passaris.
The Legislators in echoing Hon Passaris prayers called on the Committee to give the matter the urgency that it deserves.
Kitui South MP, Hon (Dr.) Rachael Nyamai in congratulating the petitioner in taking the bold step of bringing forward an issue that has been silently affecting many urged the Petitions Committee to act with urgency in looking at the matter.
“Sextortion is a matter that is facing all women. Those who are powerful and those who are powerless. Those who are rich, and those who are poor. It is happening face to face and it is also happening online.” Stated Hon. Nyamai.
She further added, “The Committee must receive as much information as possible because ignoring this matter will only make the perpetrators bolder knowing that there is a Lacuna in the Law.”
Suba South MP, Hon Caroli Omondi called for the need to criminalise sextortion and to make provisions for victims to get civil compensation when they have been sexually assaulted predators.
“We need to distinguish how sextortion is different from other sexual offences such as rape and social harassment. In sextortion, there appears to be consent but there is actually none because the victim whether male or female is actually given what in mafia terminology is called an offer they can’t refuse.” Said Hon Caroli.
“Victims are presented with a set of circumstances that forces them to exchange services for pay by way of sex. And we have had very bad experiences in this country. We have sex for grades, sex for water, sex for rights, sex for fish, sex for relief food, sex for jobs and promotions, and even sex for holy blessings in churches.” He added.
The Speaker of the Session and Gilgil MP, Hon. Martha Wangari committed the Petition to the National Assembly’s Public Petitions Committee for consideration.
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