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One killed, two escape in Mwili as police recover stolen OCS pistol

By Antynet Ford

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have recovered the firearm which was forcefully robbed by a gang from the Station Commanding officer in Vihiga, December 2023.

The detectives recovered the Jericho pistol from one of the members of a the gang after a daring confrontation with the operations team.

According to DCI, an anonymous caller reported sighting a suspicious vehicle occupied by three armed individuals at the KU farm in Mwiki.

The detectives identified the suspects as the same group who had previously eluded multiple police dragnets after perpetrating various attacks in the capital.

Upon confrontation, two of the suspects attempted to flee, while the third, wielding the stolen firearm, engaged in a gun battle with the officers and was ultimately shot down.

The deceased suspect’s accomplices managed to evade capture by seeking refuge in a busy shopping centre, but law enforcement authorities are actively pursuing them.

Additionally, a KBZ 985T Nissan Note, utilized by the suspects, was impounded along with other incriminating evidence found concealed within.

“On challenging the miscreants to surrender, two of the three took to their heels as the shot suspect brandished the firearm for a battle of guns and was gunned down. His accomplices made it to the populated shopping centre and holed up but the police were hot on their trail. A KBZ 985T Nissan Note which the suspects were using was impounded alongside other exhibits that were found stashed in it. ” The DCI said in a statement.

The body of the suspect was transferred to City Mortuary awaiting identification.

The ruthless gang had  waylaid the Chief Inspector as he parked his car in Vihiga’s Majengo market, descending on him with daggers and leaving him for the dead.

They then disappeared with his Jericho pistol loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition.

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