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Passaris Honours New Mothers at Mama Lucy Hospital on Mother’s Day

Nairobi County Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, demonstrated her compassionate leadership by celebrating Mother’s Day with new mothers at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

On Sunday, Passaris shared love and joy with the mothers who had recently welcomed their bundles of joy into the world.

In a heartfelt message shared on social media, Passaris underscored the crucial role that mothers play in society.

She highlighted the immense sacrifices and responsibilities that come with motherhood, acknowledging the risks and challenges mothers face from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond.

“A mother is definitely perceived to bear one of the most important roles in our lives,” Passaris stated. “Giving birth is just the beginning of a mother’s complex and significant role in raising a family throughout her life.”

Passaris elaborated on the multifaceted roles of mothers, emphasizing five key responsibilities that illustrate the depth of a mother’s commitment to her family.

“Firstly, a mother can take on the role of a manager for the family,” Passaris explained. “From maintaining the physical aspects of her family’s life to creating a lively environment for her husband and children, a mother’s managerial skills are indispensable.”

“Secondly, a mother is a teacher for her children,” Passaris continued. “She must educate her children by being the best role model she can be, imparting values and wisdom that will guide them through life.”

“Thirdly, a mother is the world’s best chef,” Passaris added. “From nourishing her children from infancy to satisfying the gastronomic needs of her family throughout their lives, a mother’s culinary skills are unmatched.”

“Fourthly, a mother is a household nurse,” Passaris highlighted. “She tirelessly monitors her children’s health, tends to their needs, and dedicates herself to their well-being with unwavering love and care.”

“Lastly, a mother is a financial controller,” Passaris concluded. “She manages her family’s finances meticulously, ensuring that their needs are met, and plans for the future with prudence and foresight.”

Passaris’s gesture of honouring new mothers at Mama Lucy Hospital not only celebrates their invaluable contribution to society but also recognizes the resilience and dedication of mothers everywhere.

As the nation commemorates Mother’s Day, Passaris’s actions serve as a poignant reminder of the immeasurable love and sacrifices that mothers make every day.

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