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Riara University launches Robotics lab in partnership with Airtel

One of the leading universities in Kenya, Riara University, has launched their Robotics, Embedded Systems and Digital lab that is going to enhance the studies of students at the University while equipping them with the necessary skills needed for the ever changing job market. T

The event was graced by Mr. Rahul Chhabra – High Commissioner of India in Kenya and was in partnership with Airtel Kenya which helped towards equipping the lab.  Other key guests at the event were Dr. Manu Chandaria, Chairman, Chandaria Industries and Mr. Tom Mulati, Acting Director, Technical Education from the Ministry of Education.

The Robotics laboratory answers to the need of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is characterized by the convergence of breakthrough technologies – such as advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, wearables and additive manufacturing – which allows individuals to use connected technology to enhance and manage their lives.

High Commissioner of India to Kenya, Rahul Chhabra at the launch of the Robotics lab at Riara University.

Lauding Airtel’s support on behalf of the Department of Advancement and Internationalization of Riara University, Ms. Sumita Mukherjee expressed her gratitude to the Airtel team for partnering in the launch of the laboratory.

“We are thankful to the Airtel team for helping us to fulfill the dreams of Riara University by owning a high-end Robotics lab which will be used not only for intrinsic use but also for extrinsic innovation.”

The need for intelligent products and technologies has seen continuous growth in the world today. At the same time, as the world commits to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, there will be an increased demand for more environmentally-friendly and socially responsible products; for example, the use of intelligent controls to ensure reduced energy consumption or electric cars to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Therefore, the launch of this lab is geared towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals by equipping the students with the skills they require in order to work towards making the world a better and safer place.

In a statement, Airtel’s Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma, said,

“Airtel as a technology company, understands that the use and adaptation of the rapidly changing technological advancements in the education sector are impossible to ignore. Therefore, we are happy to partner and collaborate with like-minded institutions such as Riara University that share the same vision of empowering the youth through availing technological solutions that not only enrich their lives but also those of the communities that they come from.”

Pallab Majumder, Marketing Director, Airtel Kenya giving his remarks during the launch of the Riara University Robotics, Embedded Systems and Digital lab.


Commenting on the same, Riara University Vice Chancellor Prof. Robert Gateru said:

“This partnership is directly in line with our strategy of redesigning learning, to equip our learners with the knowledge, skills, and competences that enable them to work with emerging technologies such as Robotics. This lab will also be instrumental in equipping the youth within our neighborhood with the requisite skills to be even more productive. As you are aware, Riara University is located right next to Kibera, where many youths work in industries that could benefit immensely from Robotics and Automation. We are very grateful to Airtel for this immense support which further cements our partnership and their invaluable contribution to the empowerment of Kenyan youth towards greater employability. This is well aligned with Riara University’s core purpose of “Empowering Lives; Impacting Communities”. It is, therefore, a win-win partnership for all, more so the students to be trained with this state-of-the-art equipment.”

The Robotics, Embedded Systems and Digital laboratory will play a central role in in driving the conversation on youth empowerment and enhancing positive impact in the society through the adaptation and use of technology.


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