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School midterm holiday pushed to June 26th -28th

By Antynet Ford

Schools mid-term break for term 2 has been postponed to June 26th – 28th. The Ministry of Education has announced the revision of half-term dates for the second term.

This is set to compensate for the two weeks that were lost after the reopening of schools was pushed due to the flooding crisis across the country.  The schoop opening for second term was first postponed to may 6 then later to May 13th.

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang today announced that learners in pre-primary, primary, and secondary school will break for half-term from 26th to 28th June 2024.

“The change may require adjustments on planned activities and schedules. You are therefore directed to communicate the content of this circular to all Head Teachers and Principals of schools under your jurisdiction.” Kipsang said in a circular to the County Directors of Education.

Initially, the half-term dates had been set to run from 20th-23rd June 2024.

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Schools were initially set for re-opening on April 29, 2024, but due to the heavy rains witnessed at the time, the date was postponed to May 6th and later to May 13th after weather forecasts showed improved conditions conducive for school reopening.


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