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Shanzu Law Court Set to Hear the Shakahola Terror-related Case against Paul Mackenzie

A terrorism-related case against the controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie and 94 others connected to the Shakahola massacre will be heard at the Shanzu Law Court starting on July 8, 2024.

Principal Magistrate Leah Juma has allocated hearing dates from July 2024 emphasizing the importance of expediting justice for all accused individuals.

The court has instructed the Probation and aftercare service to promptly prepare pre-bail reports, granting an additional 21 days for reports on 35 out of the 94 accused persons.

These reports will aid in the court’s decision regarding the prosecution’s application to oppose bail for Mackenzie and his co-accused.

Additionally, the court has scheduled a mention for May 29, 2024, to confirm the status of the probation reports.

Meanwhile, the Shimo la Tewa Prison Authority has been directed to transfer three accused individuals to the hospital due to their starvation protest, with the requirement of a medical report on their condition by the mention date.

The charges against Mackenzie and the others include engaging in organized criminal activity, radicalization, facilitating terrorist acts, and possessing materials linked to terrorism.

Allegations suggest their involvement in criminal activities and radicalization within the Good News International Ministries, leading to deaths and endangering lives between 2020 and 2023 in Kilifi County.

They are also accused of facilitating terrorist acts by transporting members of the group, endangering their lives, and possessing materials promoting ideologically based violence.

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