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Nairobi County Revenue Compliance and Enforcement teams to Ensure Compliance in all Seventeen (17) Sub-Counties

During the grace period, which ran from January to March 2024, Nairobi County restrained its compliance officers from verifying payments, in order to give customers time to adopt the Unified Business Permit (UBP) and take advantage of the Land Rates penalty and interest waivers issued in January.

 Said Governor Sakaja, “In January 2024 I launched the Unified Business Permit (UBP) and directed that enforcement would not be done for a period of three months to allow Nairobians to acclimatize with the new license regime. In those three months, we have streamlined our identification process which will have properly uniformed officers who will have gadgets that will be able to detect the status and validity of UBPs.”

 “The names and contact details of the teams will be published in the dailies and on the County Website so as to prevent impostors. The officers will soon have staff IDs with a QR code for members of the public to scan and verity their legitimacy,” said Governor Sakaja.

 The combined compliance teams will assist business owners to comply with all county requirements, and enforcement will follow later for those that still fail to comply. The 17 teams, led by County Executive Committee Members (CECM) and County Chief Officers (CCOs) comprise of various officers including sub-county administrators and revenue officers.

 The 17 teams are tasked with compliance checks and verification of up-to-date payments of Land Rates, Parking Fees, Unified Business Permits, building permits, Billboards, and Advertisements (movable & non-movables), Markets Services charges, Houses and Market stalls rentals, Medical, Health and Fire certificates, Loading Zones among other levies, fees, and charges for 2024.

The Nairobi City County operates a NO CASH policy in revenue collection. Customers are advised to make their payments through the Nairobi City County Government Revenue collection accounts once they obtain their invoices.

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