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Nyandarua: 37 year old to be arraigned for engaging in unnatural act with a cow

By Antynet Ford

A 37-year-old man is expected to be arraigned in court today after he was arrested yesterday for engaging in an unnatural act with a cow in Kahuruko village, Nyandarua County.

Peter Maina was arrested by members of the public and escorted to the police station after he tried setting himself on fire in a move to commit suicide after involving in the act.

According to the report by the area chief, an alarm was raised when the suspect was found on the act and he ran away to his house where he set himself on fire. Notwithstanding the heat inside the burning house, he ran out and it was then that the public arrested him.

“The suspect Peter Maina aged 37 years was found having an unnatural act with a cow belonging to Daniel Mbinu within Kahuruko village. Villagers raised an alarm and the suspect escaped to his house and locked himself inside the house.

He set the house on fire but did not withstand the heat inside the house and ran out of the house. He was arrested by the members of the public and escorted to the station where he was re-arrested.” The Chief told the police.

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